Wounded Heroes Day 2024

On April 24, 2021, The Independence Fund and the state of North Carolina passed House Bill 138/Senate Bill 132 designating every April 24th as Wounded Heroes Day. Wounded Heroes Day honors SGT Michael Verardo’s Alive Day, or, the day that he survived catastrophic, life-altering combat injuries in Afghanistan. April 24, 2024, marks Michael’s 14th Alive Day, and North Carolina’s fourth celebration of Wounded Heroes Day.

In just the few years since the passage of the Wounded Heroes Day bill, North Carolina’s Veteran community has experienced a range of triumphs, setbacks, challenges, and joy, while never losing their spirit of heroism and courage.

As we mark North Carolina’s 2024 Wounded Heroes Day in honor of SGT Michael Verardo and the state’s valiant wounded Veterans, it is with both honor and solemn gravity. The price paid by this brave group reverberates throughout our nation.

There is no “normal” or “typical” day for this courageous population but it is with great honor that we can mark a day dedicated to their heroic sacrifice.

We invite you to join us in sharing your gratitude for SGT Verardo and all of our state’s brave wounded heroes today HERE.


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