Hero at Home Classroom Kit

"Grace's dad tells her that sometimes people get hurt and their bodies change, but they still have the same heart." - Hero At Home

The Independence Fund's CEO Sarah Verardo authored "Hero at Home" in 2018 to introduce preschool and elementary-aged children to the realities that families of wounded Veterans know so well - but that their classmates might not. “Hero at Home” was developed with the support of a pediatrician to provide age-appropriate education about America’s wounded heroes to our youth as we celebrate the wounded heroes in every corner of America. We are releasing a free digital classroom kit that includes the audiobook, classroom engagement worksheets, and the ability to write a letter to thank a wounded Veteran.

These specially designed kits make understanding the importance of celebrating America's wounded heroes fun, educational, and interactive. And thanks to digital, printable Classroom Kits, accessible to all students.

Download a free copy of the audio book and classroom kit .Download kit 
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100% of book proceeds go directly towards The Independence Fund to improve the lives of wounded Veterans, Caregivers, their families, and our wartime Allies.


Your donation gives Veterans, their families, and Caregivers a better SHOT toward independence.