Supporting the Heroes Behind the Heroes


 Military Caregivers often face significant physical, emotional, and financial challenges. This selfless population is made up of spouses, parents, children and friends. Each one works tirelessly to sacrifice for our nation's heroes who made their own significant sacrifices in the name of freedom.

At The Independence Fund, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our catastrophically wounded, injured, or ill veterans. Our Caregiver program is a cornerstone of this mission, offering vital support to the heroes behind our heroes.

It is crucial for Caregivers to take time for themselves, consider their own identities, process their emotions, and build relationships and networks. Our Caregiver program aims to connect individuals with similar experiences and stories through retreats that offer respite and continued peer support past just a weekend getaway.

“We’ve all been ready to give up before. For me, knowing what my husband was willing to do, and the spirit that he was willing to do it in – if he was willing to do that for his country and his fellow human beings, then I can do this for him.” - Caregiver. 

Watch our Beyond the Call Story

In May, The Independence Fund was honored to host the "Beyond the Call" luncheon, spotlighting the incredible heroes behind our nation's heroes. Hearing the stories of resilience and dedication from these unsung heroes reminds us of the importance of programs like this.

Your Support Matters 

Your generous support can significantly impact the lives of these Caregivers and the Veterans they care for. Contribute today and provide  essential support to Caregivers and their families.

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Your donation gives Veterans, their families, and Caregivers a better SHOT toward independence.