The Independence Fund Thanks NC General Assembly Members for Honoring Wounded Heroes and Celebrates Wounded Heroes Day In Honor of SGT Michael Verardo

February 24, 2021

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (February 24, 2021) - The Independence Fund celebrates the introduction of legislation to Adopt Wounded Heroes Day in North Carolina, recognized annually on April 24th. State Representative David Willis and State Senator Todd Johnson led the charge to introduce the bill in honor of wounded Heroes in North Carolina, notably Union County’s SGT Michael Verardo who endured life changing injuries in Afghanistan on April 24, 2010. An Alive Day recognizes the day a Service Member was severely injured in combat but because of the advancements of modern medicine survives the catastrophic combat injuries.

Since April 24, 2010 SGT Verardo has endured 120 surgeries along with years of speech, visual, physical, and occupational therapies. Verardo, like so many other catastrophically wounded, injured, and ill Veterans, brings the scars of war back home where the bravery and sacrifice from serving our country is reflected every day through courage and resilience to overcome new challenges and obstacles. On this upcoming eleventh Alive Day for Verardo, The Independence Fund salutes not only his heroism, but “all other wounded heroes who have bravely made great sacrifices in service to our nation,” according to the General Assembly of North Carolina House of Representatives.

“As the wife and caregiver of one of our nation's most catastrophically wounded heroes, I am thrilled to see recognition for those who have paid a high price to keep us the land of the free. Wearing our nation's uniform was the greatest honor of Michael's lifetime - and celebrating that sacrifice is something we can all unite behind,” said Sarah Verardo, The Independence Fund Chief Executive Officer.

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