August 20, 2021

The Independence Fund recently announced the expansion of program eligibility to Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) individuals and their families. Serving catastrophically wounded, injured and ill Veterans and their families, The Independence Fund helps them regain their independence and assist in adapting to being home after war.  

The Independence Funds Operation RESILIENCY program

Since 2019, The Independence Funds Operation RESILIENCY program has encouraged unit reunions to include their interpreters living in the U.S. as valuable members of the formation. In addition to fostering Operation RESILIENCY participation, The Independence Fund opened eligibility to SIV families to include active case work, and financial grants specifically designated to food, housing, maintenance and travel related expenses. 

The  casework team is working with interpreters and families to provide wrap around support for the issues they are facing. Through continued work with established partners, The Independence Fund seeks to receive referrals for assistance with benefits navigation, housing, employment and legal issues.  These partners include, but are not limited to No One Left Behind, Inc., the Interpreting Freedom Foundation, and the Special Operations Association of America.


Through the Independence@Home program, The Independence Fund is assisting with critical financial needs. Initial immediate financial grants for eligible SIV families are available and designated specifically for food, housing, maintenance, and travel related expenses. The Independence Fund will continue to work with state and federal partners and agencies for expedited resettlement benefits and will provide direct support during the transition.  

To apply for any of these programs, please visit 

 After applying, a team member will be in contact with the individual to gather more information or notify them of their acceptance.

For casework and programs applications, a team member will be in contact with the individual within 48 hours.

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