Sarah Verardo

                         Chief Executive Officer

                  Sam Johnson

                          Executive Vice President

                    Bob Carey

 Executive Vice President Advocacy & Strategy

               Robert Becker

                    Senior Caseworker Advisor

                  Jeremy Davis

                       Veteran Services Director

                 Phil Limauge

                       Veteran Programs Director

               Stephanie Tharin

                                  Operations Director

                 Alia Schenck

                                 Casework Director

              Christina Rogers

                             Casework Coordinator

               Charles Gunter

  Dep. Director of Veterans Justice Intervention

               Julia Ciciarelli

                                 Events Manager

               Ashley Skinner

                    Communications Manager

                  Sarai Grose

                    Communications Coordinator

                  Linda Bryan

      Independence at Home Program Manager

               Danica Thomas

      Operation RESILIENCY Program Manager

               Nick Armendariz

                                     Mobility Manager

               Kenny Cortez

                               Mobility Coordinator

                 Zia Ghafoori

                        Allies Program Manager

                Fawad Sohrabi

                       Allies Program Coordinator

                 Jodi Harman

                         Advocacy Coordinator

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