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Pillars of Support

Veterans of the United States Armed Forces who have been severely wounded are our greatest heroes. We believe that we owe it to our Veterans to provide the resources they need to move forward and build a strong foundation toward lasting physical and emotional healing in order to reestablish their independence.    

Mobility Program

Many severely wounded Veterans have lost the ability to experience activities they previously enjoyed. Wounded Veterans who use our all-terrain mobility devices regain the ability to do the things they love, transforming their lives toward a better future.

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Caregiver Program

The Independence Fund serves the heroes behind the heroes: the Caregivers who work tirelessly to support wounded Veterans day-in and day-out. We give Caregivers the means to build strong networks and receive the emotional and physical support they need.

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Adaptive Sports

By inviting Veterans to participate in sporting events, providing funding for adaptive equipment, and granting funds for Veteran adaptive sports organizations, our Adaptive Sports Program gives wounded Veterans the opportunity to improve their well-being.

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Advocacy Program

For Veterans returning with the scars of war, the fight doesn’t end upon their arrival home. Unfortunately, some of the biggest battles are with the very institutions who are supposed to be on their side. We understand the challenges, and are fighting for those who fought for us!

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