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Corey Lehman

"I received my Tracfab chair last summer/fall. It has allowed me to get out of the house and do things as simple as playing in the yard with my 3 daughters (12, 7 and 2) to even supporting my wife and daughters during a 6 mile ruck march last fall. It has removed "excuses" as to why "I can't" and reminded me how "I CAN." For that I am so thankful!"

George Wilmot, Sgt US Army ret.

"I have been able to go fishing, through the snow in New York state, and through the sand. My track chair allows me to get around places I couldn't even walk through with my lack of balance and ability. I love my chair. Thank you for such a life changing piece of equipment."

Raymond Brown

"It brings tears to my eyes, to think of how this has changed my Life. I can now do things outdoors with my Wife and Friends. I have been to Parks, Hiking Trails and all around my Neighborhood. We have lots of plans for Fun and Adventure starting this Summer. We love to Camp and Fish and that is on our agenda. GOD Bless all of you at the Independence Fund, my Wife and I are forever grateful for what you do. I will always carry the torch for all of you!"

Ashley Hockenberry, wife of Ryan Hockenberry

"This chair has given Kyle his freedom back! He sprays our landscaping for weeds, we can go for walks in the woods, and he can go hunting again. It truly is such a blessing to have organizations like The Independence Fund looking after our wounded veterans. One of the best moments is when all three of us were able to go for a walk in the woods, with my husband carrying our baby boy on his chest."

William Fairbotham

"I was injured in a RPG blast to my vehicle in Afghanistan in June 2012. Since that injury, the pain and complications from TBI, and PTSD have dominated my life. I came to HBOT skeptical that this would work since nothing has. I leave here tomorrow. The first time since the injury I am hopeful. The fellow veterans and the local community has been amazing! I cannot thank you all enough for what you do for us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me hope back for the future."

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