The Independence Fund’s mission is to support our injured and wounded Veterans with the tools to achieve their independence and freedoms that they have fought so hard to preserve!
Our mobility program allows disabled veterans the chance to get back outside through a variety of devices including all terrain wheelchairs as well as adaptive bicycles. Many veterans that have been traumatically wounded are unable to enjoy the outdoors as they once did. Sand, snow, gravel, and water are no match for our all terrain wheelchairs! Cost: $16,000 per device.
Our caregiver program recognizes the hidden heroes that are caring for our nation's bravest. We provide short trips offering respite and relaxation. Military caregivers are often providing 24/7 care for veterans that have survived life altering battle wounds that decades earlier would have killed them. We recognize the heroes behind the heroes by allowing them peer to peer access, pampering services, and a judgement free zone to discuss the stressful role of caregiving. Cost: $1,500 per caregiver.

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