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The Independence Fund is proud to support the heroes behind our nation's heroes by providing national caregiver retreats. Focusing on small groups and time for pampering services, peer to peer support and respite, the caregiver is given a break from the stressful 24/7 role of military caregiving.

Our typical demographic is comprised of young wives who are caring for husbands with life altering battle wounds that decades earlier would have resulted in death, but we are also excited to care for small and special populations among the heroic caregiver community. In 2015, The Independence Fund hosted the first ever national retreat for male caregivers; fathers, husbands, and brothers of our nation's wounded. In 2016, The Independence Fund hosted 4 caregiver retreats across the nation.

Researchers estimate there are over 500,000 women and men who are providing care or have provided care for military members or veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan. Military caregivers are at higher risk for financial difficulty, health concerns, and long term support than their civilian counterparts.

Elizabeth Dole

The Independence Fund is proud to be a coalition member of the Elizabeth
Dole Foundation in support of the Joining Forces campaign.

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