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T-150 Manual or T-250 Power Assist

Ti-Trikes, available as the T-250 with power assist, or the T-150 manual, is the only trike manufactured specifically to allow it to be an electric assist trike. The perfect ride for around town or longer road and trail rides. The T-250 gives a little power as needed to keep up with other riders, or to make it up the hills. Manufactured in Connecticut using strong, lightweight titanium tubing, the industry’s benchmark for comfort, performance and durability. The trike’s turning circle is tight, making it easy to turn and maneuver on roads and paths. The handling of our trikes, with totally adjustable and ergonomically correct handlebars, to its race car steering dampening system, makes it the most responsive and gives it the best steering in the industry. Our pressure foam two-piece seating system provides a high level of comfort and custom positioning. Great features, include a crisp-shifting 20 speed Shimano drive train, mounted on a 500 watt electric motor driven by a 36 volt 14.5 Ah battery(T-250), a FSA Patterson Transmission, an adjustable front boom (for leg length sizing), lightweight but sturdy aluminum rims, and quiet running chain idler wheels.

T-450A: Hand Pedal Trike or Hand Pedal with Power Assist

Ti-Trikes has developed its innovative Tadpole hand cycle, with steering from the crank or handle bars. This trike uses two steering wheels in the front and a single drive wheel in the back. The Tadpole design separates the steering system from the drive or propulsion system, so that power to the hand cranks doesn’t affect steering and steering doesn’t affect power. The net result: improved hand cycle stability and better overall control, creating a major performance gain for any hand cycle rider. Like its stable mates, it uses the same titanium frame, high end components including brakes, drive train, steering damper and seating, resulting in a comfortable, lively ride that delivers top performance. The adjustable two piece NASA foam seat set at 18” height is set up to allow the rider to side transfer. The Power Assist model uses the same electric motor and battery as our T-250 Power Assist model.

Off Road Trike: Power Assist-Hand Pedal or Foot Pedal

Experience the freedom of a trike that is at home, OFF ROAD, on the trails, in the fields, hunting and fishing, or just riding the roads and bike paths with your kids or friends. A high torque, quick motor that has a range of at least 30 miles on a charge, can climb most hills where most mountain bikers would be walking. Trail and road legal, it will get you there and back, weighing in at only 65 pounds fully loaded.

Greenspeed Magnum Folding Recumbent Trike

Recreational cycling offers great positive benefits to body and mind. The Greenspeed Magnum is a folding recumbent trike can be fitted with an assortment of adaptive pieces, or ridden as is. If pedaling by hand is for you, then the Force 3 handcycle from Top End is the perfect choice. Enjoy rides by yourself, or join family and friends for cycling adventures!

Top End Force 3 Handcycle

This hand powered cycle is perfect for beginners or competitive racers.

Two Seat Tandem Trike

This trike is fit for two riders and can be utilized by anyone with adaptive needs.

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