“Dismiss and Prosecute” Those in VA Responsible for Illegally Hiring Docs with Revoked Licenses


"Dismiss and Prosecute” Those in VA Responsible for Illegally Hiring Docs with Revoked Licenses

The Independence Fund Issues a Statement on VA Malpractice Cases

(Charlotte, NC) – The Independence Fund issues the following statement on VA health care provider malpractice, VA accountability, and VA health care reform after the series of stories from USA Today (here, here, here, and here), detailing how the VA allowed doctors to practice in their hospitals even after they lost their medical licenses, while also systematically covering up malpractice committed by VA health care providers against veteran patients:

"The Independence Fund is stunned at the recent USA Today stories detailing how the VA knowingly hired doctors with felony convictions and revoked medical licenses, followed by the cover up of malpractice, all in violation of federal law.  Such lack of accountability further calls into question the VA’s commitment to quality health care for veterans.

While the nationwide review ordered by Secretary Shulkin is a step in the right direction, the Independence Fund believes concrete steps must be taken if veterans are to have their Constitutional rights protected, including the right to seek redress from their government.  Those measures are:

1.    The Secretary should dismiss and prosecute these health care providers and VA administrators who perpetuated these cover-ups against our Veterans. 

2.    The VA should establish a national database, publicly accessible, of every case of malpractice or negligence registered in the VA system.  That database should name the health care providers or administrators identified in the incident, the name of the facility or facilities where these incidents took place, and the action taken by the VA against those involved in the incident(s), as well as actions taken by the VA to avoid repeat incidents.

3.    The Federal Tort Claims Act should be revised to allow veterans to sue for malpractice immediately (and not have to wait for a VA Administrative adjudication first).  Veterans should be able to sue the individual VA health care provider or administrator in addition to the US government, as well as file suit in the State courts and to seek a trial by jury.

Ultimately, such lack of accountability highlights the inherent injustice of a VA health care system where the Veteran is forced to accept whatever health care provider the VA decides to provide.  Only when the Veteran can choose their own health care provider, as the President promised in his campaign, will real and meaningful accountability become the norm in the VA.  Until then, these proposed changes are necessary to give veterans their due rights to redress wrongs compelled upon them by an unaccountable system.”

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