Christopher Hegy: A Letter to The Independence Fund

The Independence Fund

Reaching Out 

In a heartfelt letter to The Independence Fund, Christopher Hegy recently expressed his gratitude for his Freedom 6X6 mobility device.  Hegy is a Retired Specialist of U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division and has been given new mobility and freedom to do his favorite activities. He now goes on walks with his wife, Natalia, and even hikes around Utah’s great outdoors.  Natalia is also Hegy’s Caregiver, and she has been delighted to accompany her husband along these hikes, snapping photos of the two of them enjoying a life of mobility together.

The Indy Fund offers assistance by way of mobility chairs, Caregiver programs, and more. The Freedom 6X6 Chair is an outdoor, all-terrain wheelchair. It is quiet and safe, offering mobility through all types of terrain including, mud, sand, rocks, and snow. This chair can operate inside as well and fits through most standard sized doors. With this chair, Hegy is able to enjoy life just about anywhere he wants to go. 

A Life of Independence 

In addition to a daily increase of independence for Hegy, his wife is now able to enjoy more opportunities with her husband. "I say our lives because when I can do more, gain access to places I couldn't before, and feel elated with so much happiness, I know that this all affects my wife too. She sees me happy and more energetic and feels the love in her heart. We feel more love for each other. This is all because of your selfless work to better our lives. In three words... We are Grateful!” says Hegy.

In testimony to The Independence Fund’s impact on Veterans and their mobility issues, Hegy says, "This reality is all thanks to the great people at The Independence Fund. I'm a Veteran and my heart cries of joy, happiness, and hope because of the opportunities the Freedom 6x6 offers now, and more importantly, the opportunities it will offer once we can transport it (camping, events, trips, recreation, etc, etc, etc).” 

The Indy Fund is grateful for Veterans and their Caregivers like Christopher Hegy and his wife Natalia. We exist because of you, and we work to serve because you deserve it. 

 If you would like to give the gift of independence to people like Chris and Natalia, donate today.

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