An American Hero: Roger Zink

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An American Hero 

The Independence Fund understands the challenges Veterans face in regaining their independence. Physical, mental, and emotional wounds of war can have impacts long after the days of combat. The Indy Fund is proud to stand behind Veterans like Ohio resident, Rodger Zink, in aiding them with services that increase mobility and independence. This is his story.


Military Career 

Zink joined the military in September of 2001 and served in the United States Armed Forces for 16-years. During his active duty years, Zink served in Kuwait, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and the United States Border. Unfortunately, his time in the military left him with significant injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress. While in Afghanistan, Zink sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury after his base was over run. This injury led to the discovery of a brain tumor, which caused multiple complications. Being active is difficult as he also suffers from light sensitivity, vision problems, memory loss, vertigo, neuropathy, degenerative disc disease, and knee injuries. These are not uncommon issues for Veterans who return from war.  

Because he faces substantial challenges in being active, Zink will be unemployed soon and must budget on VA disability income. Everyday tasks have become much more difficult, and money seems to go fast when Zink and his family must hire others to perform household tasks that he would otherwise be able to do himself. 


Mobility and Freedom 

The Independence Fund is thrilled to have gifted Zink with a recumbent bike in efforts to increase his mobility and overall quality of life. Zink is thrilled too! Before receiving the recumbent bike, Zink could not bike ride. "I now have a recumbent bike and I can now safely exercise in a way I enjoy!” proclaimed Zink. Providing Veterans like Zink with mobility equipment at no expense to them is crucial, as many are on disability budgets and cannot afford expensive machinery to help them accomplish everyday tasks or recreational activities. 

A dedicated American, Zink says he was able to take away some positives from his time in the service. Among these are brotherhood, resiliency, flexibility, and the ability to think outside the box. Zink has advice for other Veterans who suffer from injuries. He suggests taking manageable steps when getting back to routines and activities because overdoing it could make the situation worse. When asked what resources he wishes he knew about at the beginning of his injury, Zink stated the Independence Fund and suggests that it is an excellent option for others to consider when they want to get involved in helping wounded Veterans.

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